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FIBA suspends the affiliation of the Panamanian Basketball Federation
viernes, 8 de febrero 2013

FIBA announced yesterday the suspension of the Panamanian Basketball Federation and therefore, national teams and clubs and referees, cannot participate in any international competition. In addition, its Directors may participate in FIBA meetings to organized by the different regional, continental and global dependents.
FIBA Secretary General, Mr. Patrick Baumann, announced the decision to suspend Panama, due to the many problems that Panama has been going through for several years due to conflicts of interest between two Directives that manifest hold the same authority. After visits by FIBA to that country, it has emerged that the National Federation fails to meet several of the provisions of the FIBA General Statutes.
In his letter, Mr. Baumann cites Article 9.1 of the General Statutes, which states that the affiliated National Federations must maintain a good standing for basketball in their country. The actions that led to the suspension, the Federation indicate that Panama failed to act properly causing damages to the family of basketball in the country.
To close, Baumann said the Secretary General of FIBA Americas, Mr. Alberto Garcia, will be responsible for overseeing the restructuring of the National Federation in Panama, ensuring democratic elections of its members, for their reinstatement in FIBA as soon possible.
Following the commission of FIBA, Garcia confirmed in the morning, that he will soon be contacting the authorities of the Olympic Committee recognized by the IOC and government authorities, represented by PANDEPORTES, in order to coordinate the different activities that will be conducted necessary to restore the status of the National Federation of Panama. Garcia will be with the authorities scheduling meetings that lead them to make choices in the respective districts and Provincial League, in a timely manner, to conduct national elections to elect the new officers of the National Federation. Garcia added that the process may take some time as it shall first review existing statutes so that they, in addition to complying with the laws of Panama, comply with the FIBA General Statutes.

Garcia added that he will provide an opportunity for all involved in basketball to participate in elections and stand as candidates in each of the institutions that make up the National Federation. Garcia also expressed regret over the situation, as this conflict goes back several years and that despite best efforts, any solution could not be found and all that has been accomplished has hurt the athletes, boys and girls that country.
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