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LDA2014 - Garcia Morales leads Aguada to a victory over Capitanes of Arecibo
sabado, 8 de marzo 2014

Montevideo, Uruguay - An amazing, Leandro Garcia Morales with 31 points led Aguada of Montevideo to a victory over the Capitanes of Arecibo, 86-81. Tomorrow, Aguada faces the current champion of the Liga de las Americas, Pinheiros / SKY at 22:15 (Time of Montevideo), while Capitanes of Arecibo faces Regatas Corrientes at 20:00 (Time of Montevideo).

The match between the representative of Puerto Rico, Arecibo Captains and the host team, Aguada, began erratic; both lost fumbled and were unsure on offense. The first team to position themselves on the scoreboard was Capitanes from the hands of Guillermo Diaz. The teams started exchanging baskets and the scoring advantage moved from team to team during the first quarter. The triples began to fall for the locals, who took a lead of 8 points at the end of the first set, 23-15.

In the second quarter Aguada began to add to the already established advantage, but the Capitanes took advantage of a technical foul called on the coach of Aguada, Javier Espindola, Aguada’s advantage decreased to 2 points, 31-29. With 3:30 to play in the first half, the referees of the match called another technical foul on the Aguada team, this time to the players sitting on the bench, and that took the Capitanes to one point down, 33-32. The game continued and after a foul called on Guillermo Diaz, the player protested and was called a technical foul, so Leandro Garcia Morales went to the line of free throws, scored both and returned his team the advantage in the scoreboard. With a minute and a half to play, the referees called a another technical foul to the team of Aguada, this time to Leandro Garcia Morales, which led the Captains to take the lead, 39-40. The teams traded the lead on the scoreboard and the end of the first half Capitanes had an advantage of 2 points, 43-41.

A foul and counts play by Dilligard of Aguada started the second half. Both teams continued to trade annotations, but Leandro Garcia Morales appeared and hit a three to tie the game at 47. Both teams showed their best offense, for that reason they exchanged the lead on the scoreboard during the third quarter. A technical foul sung on Jackson Vroman of Capitanes, kept him out of the game with 5 fouls and gave Aguada a 5-point lead at the end of the third quarter, 65-60.

A basket in penetration in the baseline by David Cortez of Capitanes, tied the game at 66. Two baskets run by offensive leader Aguada, Leandro Garcia Morales, gave the home side the advantage of 4 points, 76-72, with 3:30 to play. With a minute to play, Aguada had a 3 point lead, 78-81, and Jeremis Smith scored to take the lead to 5 points, 83-78. A foul and counts play by David Cortés put the Puerto Rico team down by 2 points. Aguada had the possession of the ball and the Capitanes decided to foul and send to the line to Smith, who missed the first and scored the second, the advantage of Aguada was of three points, 84-81. The Capitanes played for a triple of Walter Hodge, but he did not score and Aguada got the win, 86-81. The best scorer for Aguada was Leandro Garcia Morales with 31 points, while the leading scorer for the Capitanes was Guillermo Diaz with 25 points.

Tomorrow, Aguada faces the current champion of the Liga de las Americas, Pinheiros / SKY at 22:15 (Time of Montevideo), while Capitanes of Arecibo faces Regatas Corrientes at 20:00 (Time of Montevideo).

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