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Andorra    CANAL+
France     CANAL+
Monaco    CANAL+
Switzerland    CANAL+

Middle East
Bahrain,     BeINSports
Iran      BeINSports
Iraq     BeINSports
Jordan     BeINSports
Kuwait     BeINSports
Lebanon    BeINSports
Libya     BeINSports
Oman     BeINSports
Qatar     BeINSports
Saudi Arabia    BeINSports
Syria      BeINSports
The Palestinian Territories  BeINSports
UAE     BeINSports
Yemen     BeINSports

Brunei     ASTRO
China     LeTV
Hong Kong    i-cable
Japan     Fuji TV
Malaysia    ASTRO
Philippines    Solar / Basketball TV
Singapore    Starhub

Algeria     BeINSports
Angola     C+ & SuperSport
Benin     C+ & SuperSport
Botswana    SuperSport
Burkina Faso    C+ & SuperSport
Burundi     C+ & SuperSport
Cameroon    C+ & SuperSport
Capo Verde    C+ & SuperSport
Central African Republic  C+ & SuperSport
Chad     BeINSports / C+
Comoros    SuperSport
Congo-Brazzaville (Republic of)  SuperSport
Congo (Democratic Republic of) C+ & SuperSport
Djibouti     BeINSports / C+
Egypt     BeINSports
Equatorial Guinea   SuperSport
Eritrea      SuperSport
Ethiopia     SuperSport
Gabon     C+ & SuperSport
Gambia     C+ & SuperSport 
Ghana     C+ & SuperSport
Guinea      C+ & SuperSport
Ivory Coast    C+ & SuperSport
Guinea Bissau    C+ & SuperSport
Guinea Equatorial   C+ 
Kenya     SuperSport
Lesotho     SuperSport
Liberia     C+ & SuperSport
Libya     BeINSports
Madagascar    C+ & SuperSport
Malawi     SuperSport
Mali     C+ & SuperSport
Mauritania    BeINSports / C+
Mauritius    C+ & SuperSport
Mayotte    C+ & SuperSport
Morocco     BeINSports
Mozambique    SuperSport
Namibia    SuperSport
Niger     C+ & SuperSport
Nigeria     C+ & SuperSport
Reunion    C+ & SuperSport
Rwanda    C+ & SuperSport
Sao Tome & Principe   C+ & SuperSport
Senegal     C+ & SuperSport
Seychelles    SuperSport
Sierra Leone    C+ & SuperSport 
Socotra     SuperSport
Somalia     BeINSports
South Africa     SuperSport
St. Helena and Ascension   SuperSport
Sudan     BeINSports
Swaziland    SuperSport
Tanzania    SuperSport
Togo     C+ & SuperSport
Tunisia     BeINSports
Uganda     SuperSport
Zambia     SuperSport
Zimbabwe    SuperSport

Antigua     Fox Sports
Argentina    Direct TV& TyC Sports
Aruba     Fox Sports
Barbados    Fox Sports
Belize     Fox Sports
Bolivia     Direct TV & TyC Sports
Brazil     Sportv, ESPN Brasil
Canada     TSN
Cayman Islands    Fox Sports
Chile     Direct TV & TyC Sports
Colombia    Direct TV & TyC Sports
Costa Rica    Fox Sports
Cuba     Fox Sports
Dominicana    Fox Sports
Dominican Republic   Fox Sports & Antenna Latina
Ecuador    Direct TV & TyC Sports
El Salvador    Fox Sports
Grenada    Fox Sports
Guatemala    Fox Sports
Guyana     Fox Sports
Haiti     Fox Sports
Honduras    Fox Sports
Jamaica    Fox Sports
Mexico     Fox Sports
Montserrat    Fox Sports
Nicaragua    Fox Sports
Panama    Fox Sports
Paraguay    Direct TV & TyC Sports
Peru     Direct TV & TyC Sports
Puerto Rico    Telemundo
St. Kitts & Nevis   Fox Sports
St. Lucia    Fox Sports
St. Vincent & the Grenadines  Fox Sports
Surinam    Fox Sports
Trinidad & Tobago   Fox Sports
Uruguay    Direct TV & TyC Sports
USA     ESPN2 / 3 & ESPN Deportes & NBA TV
Venezuela    Direct TV



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