Intercontinental14 - Flamengo is the 2014 Intercontinental Cup Champion!
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - With the HSBC Arena filled to capacity, the Champion of the Liga de las Americas defeated the champion of the Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv, 90 – 77. With a victory of a 13 points margin, Flamengo was crowned champion of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup. The most Valuable Player of the 2014 edition of the Intercontinental Cup was Nicolas Laprovittola.

The second game of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup, began with a triple of the team that won the first game. A steal and an annotation by Landesberg in penetration and another annotation by Pargo gave Maccabi the lead, 7 – 0. Two triples by Marquinhos, put the local into the game, 6 – 7. Meyinsse scored in penetration and the Champions of America took the lead on the scoreboard for the first time in the game, 8 – 7. A dunk and a free throw by Mayinsse gave Flamengo a lead of 4 points, 11 – 7. Tyus scored from the paint and broke the 11-0 streak of the local team. A steal and a dunk by Marquinhos, took the score 13-9 in favor of Flamengo, which led Guy Goodes to take a time-out to talk to the Maccabi players. Laprovittola and Pargo took over the offensive of their teams, in what became an exchange of baskets and the lead on the scoreboard. A triple by Hermann closed the action of the first set and left the score in favor of Rio de Janeiro, 27-25.

In the second quarter, the triples of the local began to arrive and thus began to distance on the scoreboard; after a triple by Marcelinho, the Flamengo had a 7-point lead, 39 – 32. Marcelinho found his rhythm and the jam-packed fans at the HSBC Arena got into the game. Pargo scored from the line of free throws, but his team came into a problem of accumulated fouls and began sending their opponents to the free-throw line, from there the advantage of the local team rose to 11 points, 44 – 33. On the other side of the court, Pnini approached his team to 8 points, 44 – 36. A foul committed on Laprovittola, sent him to the line, from there the Argentinian scored his two attempts and increased the advantage of his team to 10 points, 46-36, to end the first half.

Three triples by Pargo, approached the European champions to 5 points, 52-47, at the start of the second half. A dunk by Meyinse gave the locals relief, but another triple by Maccabi, put Flamengo 4 points away, 54 – 50. A run of 5-2, by Maccabi, got them one point behind, 56-55 with 5 minutes left in the third quarter. Four straight points from Mayinsse, led Flamengo to take a five point lead, 60 – 55. A dunk by Pargo, after running out of defense, positioned the Maccabi to three points, 62-59, with 30 seconds left. Benite scored from middle distance, but an alley-op from Pargo to Tyus, marked the end of the third quarter, leaving the score 64-61 in favor of Flamengo.

The last quarter started with a stolen ball and a dunk by Pargo, to put his team down by one point, 64 – 63. Laprovittola returned to the game and on his first offense, scored in penetration to add to the scoreboard distance. Meyinsse did likewise and the locals distanced by 5, 68 – 63. A steal and a three-point play by Benite, expanded the lead of the Champions of the Liga de las Americas to 8 points, 71 – 63. Flamengo continued adding to their lead with a triple by Laprovittola, 74 – 63. Maccabi's offense was not working and Flamengo took advantage to remain in control of the scoreboard. Finally, Landesberg broke the streak of Flamengo with a triple, 76 – 66. The push did not last long, on the other side of the court, Hermann scored the same way. Pargo scored from long range, but a foul committed on Laprovittola, sent him to the line for free throws, scoring two tries, to leave the score, 81-70, with 3 minutes left. The exchange of baskets favored Flamengo, who held a comfortable lead for the remainder of the quarter, to take the win, 90 – 77. With a victory by margin of 13 points, Flamengo was crowned champion of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup. The most Valuable Player of the 2014 edition of the Intercontinental Cup was Nicolas Laprovittola.

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