INTERCUP - FIBA Americas visits Euroleague Basketball

Euroleague Basketball opened its doors on Monday to the President of FIBA Americas, Mr. Horacio Muratore, for a tour of the organization that manages the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, the Eurocup and the Nike International Junior Tournament and to continue the discussions for the next editions of the Intercontinental Cup.

Intercontinental2013 - Olympiacos is the 2013 Intercontinental Champion!

Back-to-back Turkish Airlines Euroleague champion Olympiacos Piraeus went a long way to find a new trophy for its case as it swept FIBA Americas League winner Pinheiros Sky 86-69 on Sunday in Brazil to take home the Intercontinental Cup.

Intercontinental2013 - Alberto Garcia: "A dream come true"

Open letter from Alberto Garcia, Secretary General of FIBA Americas, recounting every step that was taken for this Intercontinental Cup to happen.

Intercontinental2013 - Mortari: "The contribution of our big men will be key"

The coach of Pinheiros / Sky was emphatic that the difference in the first game was directly related to the lack of productivity from his team in the paint.

Intercontinental2013 - Bartzokas: "Now we know our opponents"

After the Olympiacos’ victory over Pinheiros, the coach of the Greek squad made it clear that the first game served to meet, study and learn what Pinheiros/Sky is made up of as a team. Bartzokas added that on Sunday his team will be more like the one that was seen in the second half of the first matchup.

Intercontinental2013 - Horacio Muratore : "All that's left for us to do is thank everyone for their support"

Open letter from Horacio Muratore, FIBA Americas President, thanking everyone that has made this Intercontinental Cup a reality.


Shamell Jermaine Stallworth

Height: 1.94
  Player Points   Avg
1. Stallworth, S. 53   26.5 
2. Smith, J. 31   15.5 
3. Spanoulis, V. 24   12.0 
4. Printezis, G. 22   11.0 
5. Boracini, P. 19   9.5 
Bryant Kevin Dunston Jr

Height: 2.03
  Name Rebounds   Avg
1. Dunston Jr, B. 27   13.5 
2. Ferreira De Souza, R. 13   6.5 
3. Toyloy, S. 11   5.5 
4. Petway, B. 10   5.0 
5. Guimaraes Tavernari, J. 9   4.5 
Vasileios Spanoulis

Height: 1.92
  Nombre Assists   Avg
1. Spanoulis, V. 16   8.0 
2. Smith, J. 7   3.5 
3. Mantzaris, E. 6   3.0 
4. Stallworth, S. 6   3.0 
5. Sloukas, K. 5   2.5 



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