Intercontinental14 - Flamengo is the 2014 Intercontinental Cup Champion!

With the HSBC Arena filled to capacity, the Champion of the Liga de las Americas defeated the champion of the Euroleague, Maccabi Tel Aviv, 90 – 77. With a victory of a 13 points margin, Flamengo was crowned champion of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup. The most Valuable Player of the 2014 edition of the Intercontinental Cup was Nicolas Laprovittola.

2014 Intercontinental Cup championship scenarios

The Intercontinental Cup 2014 will have its definition today at HSBC in Rio de Janeiro, where Maccabi Tel Aviv, Euroleague champion, and Flamengo, champion of the League of the Americas meet in the second and final match of the series at 12.00pm.

Intercontinental14 - Europe's Champion took game one of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup

The Champion of Europe, Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Champion of the Americas, Flamengo, were leveled in the first game of the Intercontinental Cup 2014, but in the final seconds Maccabi rose in victory, 69-66. The teams will clash again on Sunday, September 29, where the champion of the Intercontinental Cup 2014 will be crowned.

The Intercontinental Cup tips off in Rio de Janeiro!

The 2014 Intercontinental Cup matches up Euroleague champion Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Liga de las Americas champion Flamengo in the HSBC Arena of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Intercontinental14 – Everything ready for the showdown between America’s Champion and Europe’s Champion

Flamengo and Maccabi Tel Aviv will enter the court on Friday, at the HSBC Arena for the first match of the 2014 Intercontinental Cup. The champion of the Americas and the European Champion will clash in two games at the HSBC Arena.

Intercontinental14 - Laprovittola believes Flamengo can make history at the 2014 Intercontinental Cup

On Friday (September 26), Flamengo will begin writing one of the most important chapters in their basketball history. The team will face the Euroleague champion, Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel, in the fight for the 2014 Intercontinental Cup.



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