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3x3 workshop for America held in San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Federations from Argentina, Brasil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Venezuela came together to be part of the first FIBA 3x3 workshop to be dictated exclusively to the FIBA Americas countries.

The workshop took place in the San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico and was conducted by FIBA 3x3 Group Member, Mr. Alex Sanchez-Mollinger, who explained every detail of the plan that FIBA has for this new basketball program.

Present were Mr. Alberto Garcia, Secretary General of FIBA Americas, Mr. Genaro "Tuto" Marchand, former FIBA Americas president and now Secretary Emeritus of FIBA Americas, Mr. Richard Carrion, Special Member of the FIBA central bureau, Mr. Victor Ojeda, Director of the Basketball Academy of the Americas, Mr. Nestor Rodriguez, Special Program Manager of FIBA Americas, Mr. Carlos Beltran, President of the Basketball Federation of Puerto Rico, Mr. Paulo Villas Boas, from Brasil Basketball Confederation (CBB), Mr. Vicente Oscar Castellano, from the Argentina Basketball Confederation (CABB), Mr. Gonzalo Valencia, from the Ecuatorian Basketball Federation, Mr. Victor Sierra, from the Dominican Republic Basketball Federation, Mr. Carlos Marin, from the Venezuela Basketball Federation, and Mr. Oscar Rodrigo Padilla, from Guatemala Basketball Federation.

"We are completely sure that 3x3 is a key program in the massification process that FIBA and consequently FIBA Americas basketball is moving towards.", said Mr. Alberto Garcia, Secretary General of FIBA Americas. "This is an exciting moment in our sport. It is growing by the minute, and 3x3 is the best example because it will bring FIBA, with its development, a whole new type of basketball player that was previously ignored."

Alex Sanchez-Mollinger elaborated on the subject, "In its essence, 3x3 basketball is an inclusive program. In our commitment to basketball development in the world, we now have a specific discipline that is not exclusively suited for professional players. Anyone can play 3x3, people have been playing it for quite some time. Now, FIBA has embraced it and through our organization, with the national federations, it will be rapidly established as a discipline to be taken seriously."

"In Venezuela we call it 'caimaneras'. Even the governor, Pablo Perez, invites us over sometimes to play a little 'caiman'. It has become a tradition now, the governor's 'caiman'.", said Carlos Marin of the Venezuela Basketball Federation.

"We call it 'canchita' in the Dominican Republic. In my province, we play it everyday but mondays and wednesdays we divide the court in two. One half is for the 'añejos' (masters) and the other for the youngsters. Our country is definitely passionate for the game.", said Esdras Arias, president of the San Jose de Ocoa association.

"In Puerto Rico, 3x3 is tradionally called a 'cocinita' and it is a tough, high contact competition. There's a lot at stake in terms of pride for the players. In FIBA Americas we are looking forward to coordinating, along with our federations and FIBA, the development of the discipline to bring that passion and that commitment to a whole new level.", concluded Nestor Rodríguez, Special Programs Manager of FIBA Americas.


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